Throughout history women have had those learned women to teach and guide them through motherhood.
I can help guide you and your baby through this learning stage and to weaning when ready.

Did you know that it takes a baby 3 weeks to Learn to breastfeed?
A newborn baby is born with instincts and senses. They have to use these to learn to breastfeed.
You both learn together.

My breastfeeding story:
I did breastfeed twins. They were born early at 34 weeks, had to be supplemented with formula as that was what was available then. I pumped and fed them every 2 hours. No one taught you how to breastfeed back then and no one in my family had breastfed. I kept trying and finally got it. Went on to tandem nurse them for 2 years. Looking back and knowing what I know now, a lot of the discomfort and questions I had, could of been helped by having a knowledgeable person to turn too.

 This is one of the reasons I specialized in Lactation. I became a nurse first and worked in a hospital OB unit as a mother and baby nurse. This experience has become a big part of my knowledge base when working with new mothers and babies. I also became the Lactation coordinator at that hospital, worked with many different mothers and babies at different stages of lactation.
I have developed a few techniques for increasing milk supply and for helping mothers prepare to return to work or school.

It all starts with knowledge, guidance and support.
LPN, IBCLC and instructor, to teach the 20 hour course "Ten Steps to Breastfeeding Friendly"

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